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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A House Done Right

This house in Irving is GORGEOUS.  I can't find a thing wrong with it.  Well, it's too expensive, but aside from that this is a beautifully done home.


This is a 4 bedroom/4 bath house and it's 3,979 SF. Listing prince is $624,000.00

The front view is unassuming with a Mediterranean feel

Blast From The Past

Do you remember "Blast From The Past" with Brandon Fraser?  The family goes underground into their home-like bomb shelter for 35 years believing they are the sole survivor of a nuclear war.  When they emerge, their home is unchanged from the year 1962, yet the world has changed drastically. 

When I saw this house, this movie immediately popped into my head.  Below is the Ebby.com link (for as long as it's active)


And here are my favorite shots of the house:

House Stalking - 3

I spend too much time on ebby.com.  I've found more DIY gone wrong - or simply bad design. 

Where is the front door?  How will the pizza guy deliver dinner??? 

House Stalking - 2

I'm at it again.  I found this one, which I confess baffles me.  The oven is in the living room next to the fireplace.  And there is something in between them which I can't begin to guess at.  I'm assuming it's another piece of cooking equipment.  But I suppose it could be a candle maker...

House Stalking - 1

I've been house stalking late at night :-)  I make fun of that which I can't afford.   

This house is on the market selling for $165.24/SF in The Meadows.  Does anyone see anything... wrong?

This house is on Monticello (M Streets) selling for $216.99/SF.  Afterthought?