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Monday, July 29, 2013

Rockwall - House Stalking - 6

We're looking at buying a house in Rockwall, so all these came from houses for sale there.

How would you make French toast in this kitchen??

I'm not sure this can be called a corner Fireplace...

Robin Williams lives in Rockwall!!

My husband tells me I look like Frankenstein walking though the bedroom at night because my eyes don't adjust to the dark. I would break my neck nightly in this bedroom...

 I find it strange that you have to go through the shower to get to the tub!! I guess it's better than going through the tub to get to the shower...

This reminds me of the ending of Poltergeist. I think I'll pass...

Here's the cockroach view of a kitchen.

Does the refrigerator make this kitchen look big?

The refrigerator is in time-out.

one must jump over the couch to watch the small screen movies... or puppet shows

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