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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

House Stalking - 7

We've been busy getting our house ready for sale, so I've been neglecting my blog.  However, I've found a few minutes to post these lovelies.  I've collected a few - all currently for sale in the DFW area! 
I like that you can take a meeting and go straight to bed.

I'm confused.  Where is the stop sign, or say, the STREET?
This looks like one of those naked family photos... please take it down.
I wonder if people who live in Paris have pillows that say "Los Angeles, Dallas, New York"?
Bath time... Safety first!!
This kitchen has outgrown itself.
How NOT to take a picture
I'm always wondering where to put stuff.  Now I know.
Now THAT'S a vase.
I would be viewing this house thinking about the current owners sexy-time

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