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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Camp Jackson Hole

Luxurious Jackson Hole Estate for sale

Yes, it's 15.9 MILLION dollars.  However, this is what I think might be my dream vacation home.  I don't suppose I could live here because, blizzards.  It's in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and I hear it gets cold.  However, if I were the last person on Earth and I had to go somewhere, it might be here.  Yes, I'll freeze, or starve, or go mad, or whatever, but it's my fantasy.

It's a 17,538 SF, custom built (duh) log home that abuts the Grand Teton National Park.  The views are OMG-MAZING. 


The exterior is what you might expect from an enormous log cabin, yes?


There are 14 wood burning fireplaces in this place!  Here is one in the Great Room.

The kitchen is actually modest for this size home.  While I'm not crazy about the color, I do like it.

There are 3 floors, one being a basement.  For your viewing pleasure, here's a bunch more rooms with fireplaces in them.

OK, this last one isn't technically a fireplace, but it wants to be one.

Is there one outside?  But of course there is.

 Ah, but does it have a wine cellar?  Yes... stupid question.

But where do the quadruplets of my friends stay?  Why, here!

Yes, I could love this place.  Peaceful, serene, idealistic, and Wyoming does not tax the sale of real estate!!

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