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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

White Rock Lake Artist Studio Tour 2013

On Saturday, October 12th, my good friends Rita, A Tad Off Center, Cindy, Art Haus Gardens, and I went on the FREE, self-paced, White Rock Lake Artist Studio Tour.  Every year in the fall the participating artists in neighborhoods near White Rock Lake open their studios to the public.  Their mission is to open connections and understanding about art and artists who work in our community. 

While there were over 50 artists this year, we picked out about 8 we really wanted to visit.  We picked the HOTTEST and most HUMID day of the year to go.  Over half had studios in their backyards.  I was miserable.  After visiting the third artist I was a ball of sweat.  I think Rita and Cindy had a, as in single, moisture droplet on their foreheads.  All the pretty girls glow instead of sweat.  Beeotches. 

Anywho.  While all the places we visited were great, one stood head and shoulders above the rest on the "awesome" scale.

David B. Hickman (www.davidhickman.com) is a sculptor in kinetic metal and stone.  Too numerous to mention here, his sculptures are in high demand and are large in scale.  He had many of his past "loaners" in his backyard PARADISE.  I completely forgot how hot and miserable I was for the short time we were there.  While his private home was off limits, we were allowed access to his work studio and his home studio addition


 Designed by Bentley Tibbs, AIA, his website writes,
"This project is not so much a jewel as a jewel box. That was the whole point — to create a place where the sculpture of the Dallas-based artist David Hickman can be showcased." 
And it is so.  It's a beautiful place to showcase his works past, present, and future.  The exterior of the "jewel box" is exciting and really grabbed me.  I had to ask his wife, Linda, for details.  She was very helpful and open about the whole process.  More from the website:
"Perhaps the best aspect of the project is the unexpected use of materials. Each plank of the cedar siding is pried up at an angle from the side of the building. This creates deep shadows and bright lines of light on sunny days. The deployment of standard windows within galvanized sheet-metal siding suggests an esoteric compositional system that is usually reserved for haughtier materials. Tibbs pushed certain materials to the limit. The Owner and the Contractor stepped up to the plate. That is not always the case." 

I loved this studio!  And the gardens are absolutely stunning.  Linda had David build her the cutest little greenhouse out of patio doors!  It is awesome!!  

As I was spinning circles and seeing something new with every turn, Rita asked me to check out the "fence".  My sarcastic reaction was, "well that's not expensive or time consuming AT ALL."  The fence, if you can call it that, is made entirely of stone slabs connected by metal connectors. 

It looks HEEEAAAVY.  And awesome.  FYI, when I am impressed, my vocabulary shrinks.

While Cindy roamed around some more, Rita and I took a seat and just... looked.  We could have stayed there all day. 

OH, did I mention that Linda didn't want to look out of the kitchen window and see the grill?  So, David built her a circular platform - half houses the grill and the other half is a small garden.  AND IT ROTATES.  

If you get a chance to go next year, I highly recommend it.  The artists are so receptive and helpful with their crafts.  However, wear something cool and comfortable if it's hot like it was this year.  The hubs had to help peal me out of my wet, sweaty clothes... and for once it didn't turn him on in the least ;-)

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  1. Awesome post Patra! Just to add a little for others, Linda creatively named it a Hide-A-Grill and brilliantly had a mirror hanging just so that redirected her gaze from the kitchen to the dual obelisk fountain also shown above. She also mentioned that David Rolston designed the garden but that she tweaked it here and there as it was installed in phases.