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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Linen Storage - Before

We don't have one.  In this large house we are renting, a linen closet doesn't exist.  Oh, there is a tiny head knocker over the toilet, but where do we store towels, bedding, blankets, and other things that don't have a home?  It's maddening.  NO LINEN CLOSET.  

Hubs is wonderful.  He does all the laundry and hangs up all my shirts.  The pants, socks, undies, towels, bed linens, etc. go in a laundry basket and sits on the floor of our bathroom or closet.  I'm terrible at putting these away, I mean HE washed them right? :-)  But there really was NO PLACE for the towels or linens to go.  So, I turned to my inspiration - Pinterest.  I found that a nice armoire would be perfect, but since we are renting, I really didn't want to spend the money.  I found a bookshelf at IKEA that would do the trick.  Yes, the open shelving would look lovely.  

This is the BORGSJO bookcase and it only cost $65.00

I found all kinds of inspiration on how to style the shelves.  These are so pretty!


Remember when I said that I'm terrible at putting things away?  Well, the shelf got built and stood empty for a while.  Then things started to migrate onto it.  Mostly Hubs putting things on it.  SO, now it looks like this:

It's a big fat FAIL

So my weekend project is to get this folded, fabulous and functional!  And to find a new home for Hub's shoes.  Like the closet.  

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