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Saturday, March 29, 2014

House Stalking - 16

In addition to my House Stalking on the MLS pages, I am including some marking photos that I found that make me wonder "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??"

Friday, March 28, 2014

Dead Tree ... Art?

Searching ebby.com last night I found this house that had some... continuity about it.  Actually, it's a little brilliant and a little creepy.  

My best guess to what the homeowners did here is that they lost a tree during the drought this past year (like we did) and instead of having someone cart it off (like we did), they decided to be environmentally creative with their poor, dead tree. 

I'm guessing they also owned a chainsaw.

There is evidence of the dearly departed tree in nearly every room.  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gwyneth and Me

Gwyneth has been making a stir again.  Her "conscience uncoupling" with hubby, Chris Martin, has everyone a-Twitter.  Literally.  I'm not sure why they can't just get divorced like the rest of us.  Oh, maybe I just answered my own question...

Well, even with all her hoity-toity word choices, she's really just a down-to-Earth girl like me.  We aren't so different.  Really.  In fact, just look at the way we live.  Side-by-side like.

As you can see, she, too, lives in a toddler's mess.  Like me.  She also is just too tired to pick up those shoes for the millionth time.  Like me.  She happily embraces the happy disorganization.  Like me.  Her kids even love Buzz Lightyear.  Like mine. She slaves all day in the kitchen.  Like m....The Hubs.  OK, who are we kidding... she may have 2 cookbooks out, but who really believes she cooks her own meals??? She soooo has a chef.  Yes, just like me. :-)

The Love Toilet

Does anyone remember The Love Toilet skit from Saturday Night Live?  I have found it's companion, The Love Tub.  For the couple who love to do EVERYTHING together... in harmony.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Inspiration: Mud/Utility Room

Hubs and I have been talking about how we use our house lately.  We've both decided that whether we buy or build, we need a sizable Utility Room.  We actually use our garages for cars instead of storage, so that's the door we use the most.  We also acknowledge that we dump a lot of stuff on the first surface we see when coming in the door from the garage.  For me, it's my purse, drawings I might bring home from work, IPad, coat or sweater, empty Starbucks cups or water bottles, and food or drink the kids didn't finish on the way to school  Also TOYS, lots of toys.  For Hubs, it's a hat, coat, laptop, golf clubs, kids stuff and whatever else they brought home from school, and general crap out of his pockets.  There always seems to be a lot of that.

In the house we are renting, the door from the garage opens directly into the Kitchen.  The first surface encountered is the breakfast table which we cannot use because it is always full of crap that we dump on it.

For our next house, we need a place for all of this to happen and I think a combination Utility Room/Coat Closet/Possible Bathroom/Extra Cabinets/Pantry would do nicely.

I like this first one because it has a place to hang purses or coats, a desk, and a bathroom right off of it.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Posey Residence - Part Deux

I thought I'd update you on the Posey Residence progression.  We narrowed it down to two plans and two elevation options.  To see the previous options, look HERE.  

Lisa really likes the shed roof look and she wanted to add some stone around the house.  I gave her two options on the front elevation for cost reasons.  I really LOVE the dormers on here, but she doesn't need them if she'll be priced out with them there.  

So without further ado, here is where we are today.

This is the original plan we agreed on with a few tweaks.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Inspiration: Barn Doors

I just read a blog over at The Blissful Bee about barn doors.  I love them and think they are a wonderful alternative to boring regular doors.  I am also trying to work them in on my friend Lisa's house.  You can check out the plans I drew up for her HERE.  I need to do a follow up to that post showing the finalized plans and elevations.  I think they look pretty good :-)  

Recently my cousin Meredith's husband BUILT her these. She writes, "Act of Love or Act of Sanity? Brian built these barn doors for me completely from scratch so I can lock myself in my office. Latch on other side. I LOVE them!!!"

He won't reveal his secrets, however.  But he did say there was a lot of swearing involved.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Inspiration: Kitchen Fireplaces

I have always loved fireplaces.  My newest wish is to have one in the kitchen.  We spend a lot of time in our kitchens today either cooking, eating, studying, working, reading or visiting with friends.  I want an eat-in kitchen with a fireplace.  Yes, I do.  My future visiting friends deserve it.  I know I do! :-)

IKEA Hack - Shoe Storage to Card Catalog

I love LOVE LOVE this card catalog IKEA hack by Windgate Lane.  I have been eyeing this IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet for years.  I don't know why I haven't bought it yet.  Now I have to have it to make this!!:

Adorableness overload!  Also, I've never understood how all my shoes would fit into this.  Ponder puzzle for another day.  :-)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Craftsman Tudor Bungalow

Meg Russell and Thad Bereday call their 1912 home a “Caftsman Tudor Bungalow”.   I’m a big fan of mixing styles.  I even call my personal style psychotic!  I don’t like to be tied to any one thing.  While I have strong opinions favoring one style over another, I can’t say that I’m “THIS” or “THAT”.  So when I see people creatively mixing thing up, I get excited!

The Craftsman Tudor Bungalow is located in the Hyde Park neighborhood in Tampa.  This area is ripe with charming houses.   I got the photos and information from HOUZZ, of course. 

I adore this house!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

House Stalking - 15

No, I haven't worked on my Linen shelf project yet.  It still looks like THIS.  
Remember I DID say I'm not good about putting all that away.  But here are some strange real estate photos I've recently found.

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