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Friday, March 28, 2014

Dead Tree ... Art?

Searching ebby.com last night I found this house that had some... continuity about it.  Actually, it's a little brilliant and a little creepy.  

My best guess to what the homeowners did here is that they lost a tree during the drought this past year (like we did) and instead of having someone cart it off (like we did), they decided to be environmentally creative with their poor, dead tree. 

I'm guessing they also owned a chainsaw.

There is evidence of the dearly departed tree in nearly every room.  

This one appears to be hiding from the creepy insane asylum wheelchair.

The Living Room mocks us with severed limbs and tree trunks in plain sight.

The Breakfast area is a little more sensitive.  There are only a few dead tree pieces where we would eat our food.

A single, long wood branch is attached to a wood plank wall.  Irony?  Other limbs are set within the window.  This is to remind us that they are everywhere.  There is NO ESCAPE.

This one dares you NOT to compare it to a chicken bone.

Some sorry leftovers awaiting dismembering?

No, you can't pee in peace.

You can see the listing HERE :-)

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