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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gwyneth and Me

Gwyneth has been making a stir again.  Her "conscience uncoupling" with hubby, Chris Martin, has everyone a-Twitter.  Literally.  I'm not sure why they can't just get divorced like the rest of us.  Oh, maybe I just answered my own question...

Well, even with all her hoity-toity word choices, she's really just a down-to-Earth girl like me.  We aren't so different.  Really.  In fact, just look at the way we live.  Side-by-side like.

As you can see, she, too, lives in a toddler's mess.  Like me.  She also is just too tired to pick up those shoes for the millionth time.  Like me.  She happily embraces the happy disorganization.  Like me.  Her kids even love Buzz Lightyear.  Like mine. She slaves all day in the kitchen.  Like m....The Hubs.  OK, who are we kidding... she may have 2 cookbooks out, but who really believes she cooks her own meals??? She soooo has a chef.  Yes, just like me. :-)

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