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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

House Stalking - 15

No, I haven't worked on my Linen shelf project yet.  It still looks like THIS.  
Remember I DID say I'm not good about putting all that away.  But here are some strange real estate photos I've recently found.

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The House Enthusiast


Wouldn't this be awkward if you had guests??

The refrigerator is shy.

This bathroom has it all!!!
Stacked washer/dryer, toilet, strange sink, work-space, faux grass and a wine refrigerator.

Ok, I get mounting your deer heads, but the wolf hides???

 "Every time I go to the loo I feel like I'm being watched!"

She comes with the desk.

A drain is conveniently located in the center of the floor so you can hose down the room for cleaning.

I'm glad they took pictures of hangers. I never would have known what that rod in the closet was for! 

This Media Room sleeps 10.

This kitchen island is very versatile.  It holds your books AND your saddle.

Come pray at the alter of shoes.  All are welcome.

The Sixth Sense

Good, the splash zone is tiled and the toilet paper on the floor is within easy reach.

The washer and dryer had an argument and needed to be separated.

Who doesn't need a Teepee?

Voodoo Doll dares you to not like this room

The clothes have been in the Dryer since the sink was installed.

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