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Saturday, March 29, 2014

House Stalking - 16

In addition to my House Stalking on the MLS pages, I am including some marking photos that I found that make me wonder "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??"

Judging by this computer monitor, this house has been for sale a long time.

We are not fooled.  This stool will not fit under the tiny opening!  However, a very large flat screen television is accommodated.  In the bathroom.

This is either very ugly wallpaper or mold.  I hope it's mold.

Painting a room that looks like it's covered in blood.  Never a good idea.

OCD Alcoholics 

These people aren't afraid of color - or vintage.

This tree branch dares you NOT to compare it to a chicken bone.

Who needs the gym when you can run around this house, Flashdance style?

I think there is still some wall space.  Slackers.

I got nothing on this one.  I'm so confused.

These people are party animals.

You can get by if you turn sideways.

Either the welcome mat is covering up something, or it's escaping.

I guess these people don't have kids, or dogs, or date nights.

Now for the PROFESSIONAL pictures:

Seriously, why?  Why have a diamond encrusted tub?  Ever?

Yes, someone did this.  And it wasn't a Disney Princess.

I don't care how pretty my bathroom is... I wouldn't have a romantic picnic in it.

They spent all their money on the chandelier so they left the island light as a single bulb.  I giggle.

I think they forgot there was a fireplace here.

The ladder is a nice touch.  One might want to climb up and touch the ceiling every now and then.

You can wake and knock yourself out every morning on this way-too-low chandelier.
However, the chandelier is DIVINE!

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