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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Inspiration: Barn Doors

I just read a blog over at The Blissful Bee about barn doors.  I love them and think they are a wonderful alternative to boring regular doors.  I am also trying to work them in on my friend Lisa's house.  You can check out the plans I drew up for her HERE.  I need to do a follow up to that post showing the finalized plans and elevations.  I think they look pretty good :-)  

Recently my cousin Meredith's husband BUILT her these. She writes, "Act of Love or Act of Sanity? Brian built these barn doors for me completely from scratch so I can lock myself in my office. Latch on other side. I LOVE them!!!"

He won't reveal his secrets, however.  But he did say there was a lot of swearing involved.

So I thought I would share some inspirational photos of my dream barn doors.  Don't be jealous.  You, too, can dream big and look forward to the day that all your Pinterest dreams will come true.

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