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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Posey Residence - Part Deux

I thought I'd update you on the Posey Residence progression.  We narrowed it down to two plans and two elevation options.  To see the previous options, look HERE.  

Lisa really likes the shed roof look and she wanted to add some stone around the house.  I gave her two options on the front elevation for cost reasons.  I really LOVE the dormers on here, but she doesn't need them if she'll be priced out with them there.  

So without further ado, here is where we are today.

This is the original plan we agreed on with a few tweaks.

I know that contractors include what's under the roof in their cost, so I did an alternate of this plan to reduce the patio and porch areas in case it helped them out.

And here is how the other three sides look (without dormers).

The second floor plan option doesn't have the barn doors that she prefers to the Study, so I will need to add them if they go with that plan.  However, I think she still prefers the first plan.  Barn doors will be quite dramatic in the Foyer.

Want to see some examples of barn doors?  Check out my previous blog HERE.

I had a comment from a reader that it would be nice to get a window in the breakfast area.  I do agree.  The current plan opts for a larger Utility/Pantry room which kills the window idea.  I might have to puzzle over this a bit to see what I can come up with...  I like puzzles.  One of my 4 year old twins likes puzzles too. Maybe he can come up with what I can't.  I think he might be smarter than me.

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