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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New House Must-Haves

The Hubs and I are still trying to decide on where exactly to live and if we'll buy or build.  We're pretty sure we're going to stay in the Rockwall ISD area.  Now, the location within it is the problem.

I'd really like to build us a house, but the area I LOVE (Park Place Rockwall) is off the table.  Dang those HOA fees!!!  Other lots we've seen for sale are really just out of our budget.

UPDATE:  I should mention that the HOA fees for the coveted Park Place covers total yard care (front and back), fertilizing and weed control on a schedule, community pool, furnished amenity center with full kitchen and private meeting room, walking trail, and park area.  Who wouldn't want that??  Apparently my stubborn husband.  
PS.  If we had access to this community pool I might be able to let my requirement of a back yard pool go.  Maybe.
PSS.  Hubby's a runner.  He needs a convenient walking trail, right?
PSSS.  We have 4 year old twins, who has time for yardwork???

So, if we MUST buy, I have come up with my list of MUST-HAVES.  It's long-ish but I don't want to have buyers remorse again.  I know how we live our lives and what kind of house must accommodate it.  Is it unrealistic?  Probably.  Do I care?  Not so much.

1.   Large utility room entry from garage.
This one is SO important that I wrote a whole blog about it.  You can read it HERE. It must have a desk, counter or shelving space for Hubs and I to dump our stuff on when we come home from work.

2.   Do not want open concept.
I am so over open concept.  I have little boys.  The kitchen is never clean.  The living room has so many toys on the floor all the time that I call it our TOY CARPET.  Only the legos hurt.  I want the ability to shut doors.  What that probably means is a galley kitchen and I'm OK with that.

3.   Wood floors.
I just like them.  And they are easier to clean up spills and accidents.  Our dogs and cats are indoor/outdoor, so mud does make it's way in.  I tend to favor the Oak colors these days.  Reclaimed would be a boost.

4.   Fireplace.
I don't care if it's wood burning or just gas.  I LIKE FIREPLACES.  I would prefer a 2-sided one!  One that connects the dining/kitchen or living/dining perhaps.  I love kitchen fireplaces too.  You can see examples of them HERE.
5.   Pool with area for lawn and playground for the kids.
We must have a pool, a place for the dogs to pee, and a play area for the kids. MUST!!!  I will pitch one of my famous fits if I do not get it!

6.   Prefer Cottage, Tudor, Colonial, or Farmhouse style with a deep porch at the front entry.
Steep roofs and at least 1-1/2 story is preferred too.  I don't mind brick, but I like the look of siding.

7.    Architectural interest in the ceilings. Either vaults or beams.
I'm sooo tired of popcorn flat ceilings.  Flat ceilings everywhere in the house is starting to offend me.

8.    Kitchen island if room.
This one might be hard if I am relegated to a galley kitchen.

9.   Substantial front lawn.
I don't want to step out of the front door onto the street.  So claustrophobic!

10. Side entry garage.
Either a swing garage or on a corner lot.  I LOATHE the garage doors on the front of the house since that usually means you see nothing else except a front door.  If the house is long enough, perhaps it's ok, but they usually are not.  I also don't like rear entry garages since that usually means less backyard.

What is Hubby's wishlist you ask?

1. Cheap

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