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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mora Clocks: The Silent Sentry

Well, maybe they tick.

I have fallen in love with Mora Clocks.  I know that the term "Mora" is used loosely these days and it tends to gather up anything Swedish/French.  I don't care.  I love the height, curves, texture and whimsy it brings to a room. Even if there is just a hint of the design (as in the china cabinet a few pictures down) I love it. Maybe I can just hang a clock and draw the rest of it on the wall :-)  The price tag would be much cheaper, and by now we all know the hubs likes the price of "cheap".

Eclectic Living Room by Other Metro Media & Bloggers Dreamy Whites

I like to think of these clocks as The Silent Sentry's because they always appear so stoic in pictures... standing back against the wall, telling time, and ... keeping watch.

On ebay they are going for around $2-3K.  I've found some reproductions at Maison Decor selling them for $644.95.


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