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Friday, May 27, 2016

Before and After - House Makeovers

Because I have SO much free time on my hands (I don't) and because I love houses so much (I do) I've started taking pictures off some sites - either Remodelaholic, Houzz, or the MLS - and giving some houses a face-lift.  Some are good, some I need to work on.  My photoshop skills are lacking so I use PicMonkey... which has some limitations.  I've asked a co-worker to help me learn photoshop a bit more to do the things PicMonkey won't allow.  Here are a few of my creations (Muwaahahahaha).

The following Before and After House Makeovers were from Remodelaholic readers except the last one, which I found on Houzz:

Enjoy :-)


This reader asked what she could do to her house to add some curb appeal on a budget. My thoughts were to take off the shutters (or fix them to the appropriate size), replace the white garage door (or paint it to have a more rustic brown appearance), replace or paint the front door to match, add a meandering walk out the front door, add a nice tree if budget allows, and add lots of pretty flowers and grasses. I'd add a nice painted, rustic bench to the left of the front door and paint the brick... but lots of people don't like painted brick. What do you think?


"I just purchased a foreclosure and was wanting to give it a little curb appeal. Things haven't started blooming yet so it is hard to see but there is a Japanese maple and crepe myrtle planted. Just sad looking right now. What would make this home more welcoming?"

I think putting an arbor or trellis over the garage, painting the front door navy, adding shutters to complement the arbor and adding lots of landscaping does the trick!

"I just purchased this 1960's brick ranch home. What should I do to add a bit of curb appeal? I know landscaping is a definite but I am not sure what types of plants would really set it off. Also, should I paint the brick? I think it gives ranch homes a nice touch but several people have discouraged me by saying it would depreciate the value of my home. Feedback & ideas would be greatly appreciated!"

Here was my suggestion. I'd add a front porch deck, change the shutters to a stained wood color, make the front door match, and add some kind of interesting walkway off the porch. Lots of plants.

"I need help with the curb appeal of my house; the roof is newish, so I'm not changing that out, I might change the house's color from yellow but with that roof color it seems that yellow would compliment the roof best. I need help with everything else, like door color (maybe a burnt orange?), shutter color, trim color, & what to do with that awkward large triangular area -- thanks!"

My solution. She doesn't necessarily need to replace the door, but I like the burnt orange color. It ties in nicely to the brick. I'd also add a thicker trim at the top of the siding, paint it white and paint the triangle of siding above it white too. I'd tone down the black shutters to a dark grey and fix the one that is hung too low next to the door.

"Any suggestions to update/improve curb appeal. I am not crazy about the square decor under windows and would like sitting area."

I thought a simple trellis at the entry might be nice. What do you think?

This owner wanted to add some oomph to her exterior. I think the house is beautiful on it's own, but I suggested a few things. What do you think?

"We are in a rural area with a mini farm with gorgeous views. We love all kinds of rock and exposes timbers, but are stumped when it comes to dealing with such a rectangular elevation.  We have a beautiful classic red barn behind the house, an orchard to the right, and the landscaping has filled in a bit - to give an idea of surroundings.  Any help jazzing up the front of the house without a major remodel would be so appreciated!"

I actually didn't come up with these ideas, the commenters on the site did. I just wanted to see what it would look like :-)

"I am remodeling this house to sell but and would like to enhance curb appeal, along with possibly putting windows in the right front to lighten up the main living room. It has been suggested to remove all the rock and come back with the same type of Hardy board. Also the steps/stoop/handrail are in bad shape and need something. Any suggestions are appreciated!"
My thoughts: Paint the siding a dark shade of the gray in the rocks, replace the door, add a windows, replace the sconce and LANDSCAPE!

And lastly - My sister has asked me to give her house a makeover.

I haven't done it yet.

She's growing impatient.

Here is the before!  She has a gorgeous front yard.

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