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Friday, March 5, 2021




I started my own Custom Home Design business and I signed on with Coldwell Banker Apex last week. I'm not only an Architect but a Realtor too.  That means I can't make fun of YOUR bad real estate photos anymore.  Doesn't it?  Besides, all the Realtors are taking savvy pictures now, so it's no fun anymore.  

(Or is it?)

Sometimes a good photo just can't be left alone.  They won't be my client's homes or even any houses in my area, of course.

I retired from my commercial architecture job about 2 years ago and now I'm designing custom homes and large scale renovations.  I'm so thankful for the word of mouth of my friends, family, and past clients.  I've been SO busy and am going to be able to work from home and see my kids grow up.  Before, I'd leave for work in the morning and get home about an hour before the kids went to bed.  I was missing EVERYTHING.  Now I get to savor the constant interruptions of:

"Mommy, look at this you tube video", 

"Mommy, I came in 3rd place in my Fortnite competition", 

"MOMMY!!! Chris didn't flush the toilet again!"


I'll start sharing some of the home plans I've designed on here.  I don't have a portfolio set up as of yet, but maybe this will help me get started.  Stay tuned...

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